Zavisha Sawmills is a 3rd generation family business that was started in 1943 by Henry Zavisha and his brother –in-law when they purchased a sawmill 15 miles NE of Hines Creek to harvest soft wood.  The company is currently owned and operated by 2nd and 3rd generation family members

The original mill was powered by a steam tractor and only sold rough sawn lumber.  A planer mill was purchased two years later which allowed Henry to access more markets.  Most of the products were sold green and shipped direct from the bush operations to a box car on the NAR railroad in Hines Creek.  Most of these sales went to Ontario and the U.S. All of the green boards were hauled to a yard in Hines Creek where they were dry-piled for planning in the summer.

Glen started with the sawmill in 1960 and Zavisha Sawmills incorporated in December of 1963 under its current name Zavisha Sawmills Ltd.

In 1965 the sawmill was moved to Hines Creek and full length trees had to be hauled ton Alberta highways to the sawmills.

Exploration and sales to the export market began in 1987.  Zavisha sawmills has sold to export markets in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Algeria, Iran, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

The mill was designed to be highly flexible in the production of a variety of lumber products.

Today, most of Zavisha’s production is sold to the North American and Japan Markets.  Zavisha produces and develops a wide range of quality products based on the on-time demands of its customers