Environmental Policy

Zavisha Sawmills Ltd. corporate mission is to be a low-cost, profitable integrated forest products Corporation converting forest resources into competitive and innovative quality products for customers while protecting the environment and creating a positive long-term social, cultural and economic benefit for the region and its people, employees and shareholders.

Zavisha Sawmills Ltd. shares with the community important responsibilities towards the environment in which we live and work. The Corporation supports the responsible stewardship of resources, including forest, fish and aquatic habitat, wildlife, air, land and water. Responsible stewardship, combined with a continual improvement process, makes possible sustained economic development and an improved quality of life. In this spirit, we commit to implementing and maintaining an effective environmental management program that will govern its attitude and action in environmental matters and will benefit the environment, the community, the shareholders, employees and customers.

Zavisha Sawmills Ltd. demonstrates environmental leadership through its commitment to:

  • Comply with or exceed legal requirements.
  • Comply with other environmental requirements to which the company is committed.
  • Achieve and maintain sustainable forest management.
  • Set and review objectives and targets to prevent pollution and to continually improve our sustainable forest management and environmental performance.
  • Provide opportunities for interested parties to have input into our sustainable forest management planning activities.
  • Promote environmental awareness throughout our operations.
  • Conduct regular audits of our forest and environmental management systems.
  • Communicate our sustainable forest management and environmental performance to our, shareholders, employees, customers and other interested parties.

Zavisha Sawmills Ltd. believes in sound natural resource management practices, which allow for a balanced foundation that generates economic opportunities, recognizes social values, and promotes environmental stewardship.